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Mardi Gras In Temecula

Mardi Gras In Temecula

- Mardi Gras - 

Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday is a raucous celebration that originated in medieval Europe and made its way west to the Americas. Here in the states the main hub is New Orleans, Louisiana and in South America it's known as "Carnival" and takes place in Brazil. In observance of Lent, this day is the last day to let loose, free your inhibitions and celebrate life.


A little over a month ago, a new vibrant orange sign went up on the corner of 5th and Front, and it become the talk of the town! What was Liberty Kitchen and why the big orange letters?? Did it really fit with the preexisting “Old Town Temecula” charm? One thing was for sure….it got our attention! When we found out it was a Southern Cuisine Restaurant it all came together…and we HAD to try it! What better time to give it a shot than at their Mardi Gras kick off weekend event starting tonight at 7pm?

We got in touch with the Dave Conway for a little background info on the Conways, what people can expect during the festivities, and even some expertise on how to properly gorge on Crawfish.

Where are the Conways from?

I'm from Southeast Texas in a town called Spring which is home to the Texas Crawfish Festival. After living in California for many years, we moved back out to TX with our kids to give them a good southern perspective. During that time I produced the Texas Crawfish Festival back in my hometown.

Why did you choose Old Town Temecula as a location for Liberty Kitchen?

Our first date was in Temecula in 2001 and we've been fans ever since.

What is your fondest memory of Mardi Gras?

I had good friends who lived in New Orleans so each year I'd drive to NOLA from TX for Mardi Gras where we'd enjoy things from a local perspective steeped in local history. 

What should guests expect during Liberty Kitchen's Mardi Gras Event?

Some King Cake drink specials, beads and live Zydeco. Nice big, (live)crawfish being flown in from Louisiana from the same guy I've been ordering from for over 20 years. Crawfish races for the kids on Sat with prizes!

What band will be performing?

Theo and the Zydeco Patrol 

Friday 7-10

Sat 1-4

Is there a proper way to eat Crawfish?

(David hooked us up with a step by step diagram)

See you There!!!!

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