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Our Time At The Lorimar Winery

Our Time At The Lorimar Winery


On Friday, April 22nd, my partner and I were invited to the Lorimar Vineyards and Winery for some good times with good music and  good wine. What a nice way to start the weekend right? Upon driving up Rancho California Road, through wine country, we shared a moment of clarity, or epiphany if you will. We realized how extremely blessed we were to be living in this beautiful city called, Temecula. Our time at Lorimar Winery was amazing, we drank amazing wine, learned a lot, and had the privilege of seeing one of Jimi Hendrix's first band mates give an amazing performance!!!!

Photo Via Trip Advisor

Photo Via Trip Advisor

Lorimar Winery's Story

What began as a long-time dream for Brother-in-laws Lawrie Lipton and Mark Manfield, came to fruition with the opening of Lorimar Vineyards and Winery. In fact, the name Lorimar itself was formed by combining Lawrie and Mark's first names.

Lorimar's Old Town location was opened in 2009 while the Wine Country property was under construction. In the spring of 2012 Lorimar Vineyards and Winery celebrated with thousands of local residents and guests for the Grand Opening of our second location, an incredible Tuscan style winery in the heart of Temecula Valley Wine Country. Featuring breathtaking views of Mount Palomar and the Santa Ana Mountains, Lorimar features live music on the sunset patio every weekend all year long. Guests will also enjoy relaxing by the stone fireplace surrounded by a living art gallery, filled with works from many local artists.


At Lorimar we craft wines that are approachable with a fruit forward style that showcases the strengths of Temecula Wine Country. "We create wines using the best of the old world ways combined with today's more advanced technologies, producing delicious varietals and exciting blends," explains co-owner, Lawrie Lipton.

Our Tuscan style winery is showcased amidst adjoining orange groves and our 22 acre estate vineyard. Our first vine plantings were of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2000 followed by Syrah, Grenache, Muscat, Viognier and Sangiovese.

Temecula's wine growing region is unique and special. We are 22 miles away from the ocean which classifies us a Maritime climate. Balanced with warm sunny days and cool nights, the vines flourish and produce excellent fruit in our climate. The soil composition of decomposed granite and clay drains well and is ideal for retaining moisture reserves deep below the surface roots.

"Our goal is to create a Fusion of Wine, Art and Music"




Thanks Matt!!!!

Vino scholar, distinguished gentleman and overall good guy, Matthew Russell was our host for the evening. He took good care of us and explained the different wine varieties and his favorites. We explained that it was our first time there and without hesitation he divulged on all things Lorimar.


Bill Magee   and his band killed it that evening

Bill Magee and his band killed it that evening

The  ONLY  winery in Temecula with their  OWN  Food Truck!!!!!!!  We loved the  Kobe Beef  Hamburgers and the  Truffle Fries  were amazing!!!

The ONLY winery in Temecula with their OWN Food Truck!!!!!!!

We loved the Kobe Beef Hamburgers and the Truffle Fries were amazing!!!

- Lorimar art Gallery -


- Sunset at lorimar -

Mother's Day In Temecula

Mother's Day In Temecula

The Old Town Night Market

The Old Town Night Market