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Pampered at Paramount Spa

Pampered at Paramount Spa

Meet the beautiful Virginia Kyle!

(who pampered me at Paramount Salon/Spa)

Last week I was in dire need of a facial when I found out about Paramount Salon/Spa in the Sola Salon building off Temecula Pkwy.


I made an appointment with Virginia Kyle, and when she saw my skin, she immediately knew what I needed. I found out later she was a complete expert who had graduated as a Master Esthetician from the prestigious Mandalyn Academy in Utah, and has been an esthetician for 12 years now. No wonder!

This was by far the best facial I've ever had!

It might have just been how comfortable Virginia made me feel through the whole process, or it also could have been her amazingly soft hands that were very gentle and silky smooth! It was unbelievably relaxing, which coming from someone who works around the clock 7 days a week....that's saying alot! There isn't much that can chill me out besides a bottle....I mean glass...of wine ;)

During my visit I received an Organic Custom Facial which included deep cleaning, and dual exfoliation (gentle scrub + fruit enzyme treatment). After a few extractions, she used high frequency to kill bacterias, and reduce oils and inflammation. Virginia, explained every step of the way so I was never caught by surprise. Next she performed a Hungarian style facial massage, followed by a light neck and shoulder massage with warm stones while the stone crop and charcoal mask was working it's magic (pure heaven). Then, to make sure I was polished and good to go, she applied a custom cocktail of super concentrated booster serums to boost hydration, plus eye cream, lip balm and moisturizer!

Virginia found her niche in the beauty industry when she discovered Eminence Organic Skincare, which she also uses and sells at the salon. I definitely approve. 

Here's a special promotion if you'd like to see how magical Virginia is first hand:

Thank you, Virginia! I will definitely be coming back!!

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BOOK Virginia by calling 801-362-3802


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