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Pig Roast Partito

Pig Roast Partito


Last weekend, Chef Pietro of Trattoria Toscana welcomed In The Loop to join him and others for a traditional family-style Sardinian Pig Roast, which went above and beyond our expectations!

Chef Pietro and Gino are the best!

The restaurant had an intimate setting with warm lighting and long chocolate colored wooden tables accented by wine colored serviettes creating a velvet like ambience throughout the room. We were quickly approached by a friendly host who explained the arrangement and welcomed us to seat ourselves anywhere we'd like.

Angelo Germano Neddiolo Lange Visette. 2011 was a good year.

Shortly after, we were greeted by our server Julian, in from Rome.  He suggested a delicious bottle of  2011 Angelo Germano Neddiolo Langhe Visette and with a little bit of social lubricant in our bellies we began chatting with the other guests at our table.

Then entered Chef Pietro, a very charismatic and passionate man who really lights up the room! Chef Pietro is from the island of Sardinia. Although on Italian territory, Sardinia is actually a country of it's own located in the Mediterranean sea (read more on Chef Pietro's story here).  Chef's dream has always been to prepare beautiful dishes for friends and family, made with only the highest quality ingredients.  He creates dishes made with tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, basil and many other ingredients fresh from his own garden! And, of course, fresh homemade pastas!


- Course Breakdown -


Our First course, Salumeria, was a beautiful assortment of fine italian meats, cheeses, fresh homegrown basil, olives and sundried tomatos layered atop  Sardinian Pane Carasau .

The Salumeria was a beautiful assortment of fine Italian meats, cheeses, fresh homegrown basil, olives and sun dried tomatoes layered over a Sardinian Pane Carasau.


Second up was Pappardelle Alla Pietro, Chef Pietro's fresh house made pappardelle pasta served in a saffron red sauce with Italian sausage and mushrooms, topped with imported Percorino Cheese.

I was SO happy to see Chef Pietro's homegrown basil on another plate!


And then, what he had all been waiting for. Chef Pietro came out all smiles as he made his trip around the guests showing off the main course, Maialino Arrosto. Roasted Suckling pig Served with fresh grilled Egglpant, Cucumber, and arugula, topped with olive oil, parsley and garlic! Delizioso!


Nothing like enjoying a nice fluffy Tiramisu before bedtime.

Dolce! Our dessert and final course of the night was a rich and fluffy Tiramisu. There were collective groans and moans of approval as we all ate. It was Sunday night, which meant the impending doom of Monday, but in that moment nothing mattered to anyone. 


As the tables filled with more and more guests, you could really feel his dream coming to life. We had the pleasure of sitting next to Chef Rosie, from Provecho Grill in Menifee and her family celebrating her son, Peter's birthday! I also had a chance to meet Paul and Lindsey of Primal Pastures who were in attendance as well. What an amazing way to bring people from the community together! 

We all shared stories and laughed and left with new friends, and very satisfied appetites. It was a truly unique experience. I can't wait to come back and try their Ravioli Night! If you're looking for a real authentic Italian Cuisine experience, this is the place to be.


Thank You

Chef Pietro, Gino, Julian and the rest of the Trattoria Toscano staff


26485 Ynez Rd, Temecula, CA 92591

 (951) 296-206

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