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5 Ways to Improve your Aesthetic + Engagement on Instagram

5 Ways to Improve your Aesthetic + Engagement on Instagram


By Rayna Mann

Co-Owner, FurtherMore + Blogger, In The Loop

Talk about all the trendy buzz words in one title, am I right?

Today we're going to take a second and give you a few of our Instagram secrets. These tips are guaranteed to help with your Instagram engagement, following, and general feed aesthetic. It's what we look for when we pull images for our own marketing and how we create a strong marketing platform for other's goods and services. 

Tip #1: Think about your whole feed not just one picture!

How to best achieve this is by creating a theme. You can achieve a theme through a general color scheme, editing style, subject matter and/or a combination of the 3. Below we see how Instagrammer @jenessawait achieves all three of these in her feed. 

She not only combines editing style, color scheme, coffee ;) and subject matter (which is her hand lettering and lifestyle brand) she tells a story in her feed. Everything looks like it belongs together and users understand what they are "getting" at first glance. Think of your target audience as window shoppers. Statistically stores have less then 30 seconds to capture their audience through window displays. If your feed doesn't immediately, as a whole, sell your brand or tell consumers what the value is of following you, then they are gone before the seed of engagement is even planted. When you choose your pictures, don't get caught up in the moment or the pressure to post content regularly. Carefully curate your images in a way that sells your products, services, and brand. Always asking your self: does this match my theme?

This leads us to our next tip...

Tip #2 Show us what your product looks like in the story of the consumer's every day life 

Just like with any product, we like to see what we're getting. It's the free sample or tester mentality. Consumers want to see how these new products or services will add to their lives. With @genuineandginger (image on the left) we see her new wall decor as the central focus of her photo. She's painting a picture of what this decor may look like in your bedroom. It exemplifies how you can create a complimentary design with her new product. This gives possible consumers options, or at the very least, a blueprint of what they can do on their own. 

In contrast we see @letterfolkco  (image on the right) has created a scene of what day to day life would look like with one of their letter boards. Amongst the "mess" of kids and the seemingly ordinary, their board sends a sweet message of encouragement that makes this picture that much more adorable!!

Tip #3 Don't be afraid to show people the BTS (the behind the scenes)

                                                       Above image from  @carlakayes  Instagram feed. 

                                                       Above image from @carlakayes Instagram feed. 

The process is our favorite part! Nothing comes from thin air or magic...well unless your life is a disney movie then feel free to send a unicorn our way. ;) haha! Consumers like having the inside scoop. Showing off your hard work pays off. It also makes you as an owner more human. You have hands and a face, and you hustle! You really are a person and not some crazy robot. 

This ties in perfectly with the next point...

Tip #4 Show us your face!

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.08.23 PM.png

Yes I mean your WHOLE face! Not some clever wind blown photo with your hair half covering your sweet smile or a picture of the back of your head rocking your favorite jersey. Show us who you are! Connecting with your consumers is so important. They want to trust the person they are buying from and are happy to support your business dreams when they know who you are! This photo posted by @dreamweaverhawaii has the most likes out of any of her photos. I'm willing to bet it's because the hands that make that macrame magic now have a smiling face attached to them. 

Quick note, with this tip please don't post a selfie. Selfies lack creative vision and are hard to gain engagement with because they lack a sense of unique flare. Anyone can post a car selfie. But those of us who set up the tripod or cleverly stack books to create our own make shift Photo Booth receive the reward in the end!

Remember we're not just showing off your rugged good looks. We're showcasing your personality.  

Last tip...

Tip #5 Always have Clarity!

If you notice the one thing that ALL of these pictures have in common is clarity. The quality of the pictures are crisp and clear. Even if they weren't shot with a professional camera, they are easy to read and send a clear message as to what they are capturing. Fuzzy pictures, with poor lighting, and distorting filters leave consumers playing a game of "Where's Waldo?". We live in a world of amateur photographers (thanks to smart phones) and the standards are high. If your pictures don't have clarity, it'll be hard to even begin to market your products.

Bonus tip!

We use editing apps like VSCO to edit our smart phone pics. Playing around with the different settings and filters allows us to create a cohesive theme and clarity. It also leaves us feeling like "professional" photographers even though we are NO where near that standard! 

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you are looking to be in the Loop, subscribe below and our tips, events, and product reviews will end up in your email box for your convince!

See ya later Loopers!

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