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Baby Bump Debut!

Baby Bump Debut!

Ok, I know this is something all new Moms can relate to. As soon as you get the news that you’re expecting your first child, you are suddenly bombarded with info on how to prepare for your newborn baby. Of course, we need all the advice we can get so we welcome suggestions from friends and family, which somehow quickly turn to the not so welcomed sponsored ad overload once Facebook listens in on our conversations (ok just kidding. We know it’s just tracking our search history, right?). You get the “10 things every new Mom needs before Baby arrives!” articles, and “Top 5 Must-haves for your new bundle of joy” click bait…both of which quickly turn into “15 things you’ll never actually use for your first born” advice from your new favorite Mom Blog.  Well rest assured, at 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby, it’s too early for me to even pretend to be an expert. But I am going to chime in and share an amazing experience that I had, that I would definitely recommend to ALL moms-to-be:

Treating myself to a Maternity Shoot!

I had the privilege of collaborating with local photographer, Niki Bradley of Juicee Designs and Photography, Hair & Make up Artist Pauline Castillo , and Hair Stylist Jacob Masquat from Buffalo Salon Co on my Maternity photos for a literal experience of a lifetime at the Temecula Coachhouse.

I was on the fence about a Maternity Shoot at first. Is it vain? Will I be over-glorifying my pregnancy when the truth is it feels like one of the most stressful times of my life?  Am I over-thinking it? And then I think I cried while trying to make a decision. Thanks hormones.

It’s definitely important for us to find ways to control our stress level during pregnancy and, to my surprise; a Maternity shoot was just the escape I needed to help manage my anxiety.  Here are a few reasons why:


1)   It forces you to pamper yourself!

I don't think...

I don’t think I would have done any of those things, had I not been getting ready for the camera.

Mani, pedi, hair, makeup, wardrobe. Do it all! Prepping for the shoot the weeks before the scheduled Photoshoot date was so relaxing.

A few days before the shoot I visited Jacob at Buffalo Salon Co, who gave me the most gorgeous Fall color melt with Pravana  (all natural ingredients and safe for baby)! On the day of, Pauline Castillo slayed a natural makeup look that made me feel like an expecting goddess!

I don’t think I would have done any of those things, had I not been getting ready for the camera.

2)   You get in your element!


I can't wait to share that with "My Girl"

hence The Temptations album ;)

I chose a boudoir setting because I just wanted to feel cozy, and relaxed. I styled the shoot myself with records since music has been a huge part of my life and I can't wait to share that with “My Girl”, hence The Temptations album ;) Niki was great about understanding my vision and helping me create the atmosphere that I really felt reflected my personality. It's such a great opportunity to get creative!

3)   It’s your Baby’s first photo debut! 

Let's not forget that this may be the first time you get to show off your baby in front of the camera, even if you can’t see her. When I was posing with my hands wrapped around my belly, I felt an immense feeling of pride. It wasn’t just about me, my image, my body.  I was showing off my beautiful creation and felt extremely connected to my baby in that moment. It was an incredible feeling I’ll never forget.

It wasn’t just about me, my image, my body. 

I was showing off my beautiful creation...


If you are contemplating whether or not it’s worth the investment, don’t. Just do it! This is one purchase you absolutely won’t regret because not only will you get gorgeous photos of you and your precious baby bump, but you’ll create an unforgettable memory connecting with your little one to last a lifetime.

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