Cierra Junt

Blogger, In The Loop

Hey Loopers my name is Cierra and my family and I are some of the newest residents to the Temecula area! I am an Air Force spouse and currently a stay at home mommy to my two wonderful kiddos, Trevor and Tenley. In the last five years we’ve moved five times, so I consider myself quite the moving and packing expert! We are originally from Washington State so naturally two of my favorite things are wine and coffee! Lucky for me these also seem to be very readily available in this area as well, so I’m beginning to feel right at home here!


With all of our moving, settling my family into new communities has become a very important aspect of my life. My love for travel, photography and people helps this process so much. Queue this amazing opportunity to intern for In the Loop!! It really is now my job to integrate into this community, how awesome is that!!  I would love to use my skills to learn all of the ins and outs of the wineries… I mean community, and look forward to taking all of you along with me on my journey!!!